ユアン クレイグ的 陶芸生活

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This blog about my husband, Euan Craig, who is an Australian potter in Japan; about his works, making process, our life style and our family.   


1 November 2011

Mashiko Pottery Festival ♪

Mashiko Pottery Festival will start
from 3rd to 7th of November.

Euan will have a tent at Tohboh Mashiyama as always.
If you have a chance please drop in to his tent.
He is looking forward to seeing you.
I am planning to go to Mashiko from 5th to 6th with my children, they have to go to school on Friday and I will make my daughter take a day off from basketball club so we can go to Mashiko all weekend.

We are really looking forward to going to Mashiko ♪

(At Spring Mashiko Pottery Festival....)

15 October 2011

We had a Sports day every weekend last month

 I haven't written a post for a long time.

We had so many things happening here in Minakami, where it's getting cooler morning and evening.

Firstly, the family.........

 We had a School Sports Day every weekend during September.

The first weekend was at the primary school,
then next weekend was at the junior high school,
the third weekend was at the preschool.

The children had moved to the new school since this spring, they've made new friends, they seem to be getting used to the new school life. 

We, as parents, were moved in many ways when we saw the children were doing their best with new friends, happily and resiliently.

Of course, we are doing our best too.

Euan is trying to join in the school events here as well.
The next day however, he ached from head to foot.

Unfortunately it rained during the junior high school sports day, but the children still did their best. 

Sora is also doing her best and having fun with her classmates. Because of her back injury she needs to wear a back brace and pace herself, but that's a long story.

We can't forget about the cheer squad.
What? You were too busy playing to watch?!

We had the best smile under the blue sky the next weekend

All the children really did their best, and we can see they are growing both physically and emotionaly.

I think we all are definitely moving forewards little by little.

And I'm  truly proud of my children from the bottom of my heart.

You kids are awesome!!

4 September 2011

The exhibition finished.

Euan had finished his exhibition at Gallery Ciel in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.

Many people visited the exhibition.
Thank you very much.
Euan was very happy to see you and to talk to you there.

Your words warmed our hearts.

Euan had lived about half of his life in Tochigi,
it is like a second home town for him now.
It is precious to us to have the opportunity to see you all.

He has left and moved from there,
but Tochigi remains in his heart.
And our children's hearts,
and mine also.

However, the opportunity to see you gives us confidence.
We will try hard to put down new roots here.
Thank you for your continuing support.

23 August 2011

Exhibition at Gallery Ciel

Euan will have a solo exhibition at Gallery Ciel in Utsunomiya, Tochigi.
He is at the gallery everyday except on Aug. 28th.

He is looking forward to shearing his new works with you 
and seeing you there.

Euan Craig Ceramics

Aug. 25th Thr. - 31st Wed.
11:00am ~ 6:00pm (Open everyday)

4065 Nakaokamoto, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken
TEL: 028-671-8210

By car: Straight toward Shirasawa about 1km from Route 4,
            at the right hand side on the hill after pass a convenience store, Seven- Eleven.
            Car park at the apartment, Sun Heights Okamoto. (8 cars)

By Train: On foot 8 minutes, 700m from Okamoto Station, by one stop
               from Utsunomiya Station.

19 July 2011

Birthday ♪

It was Canaan's Birthday on July 16th. He became 12 years old.

The school will finish the first term, start the summer holiday soon.

He is getting use to the new school, made some friends.

But it takes a time to make good friends like he made in the other school.
You don't have to rush it, you can make a good friend.

after the earthquake and nuclear power plant's accident, his life changed very much, also his school and his friends,  he has to live apart from Dad who is making pots in Nagano on weekdays, we can't build the studio yet, he has to squeeze in and share space in his uncle's house, it is not easy...... 
But don't give up and do our best together, it is a turning point, we can make a good life and future from here.  We can do it together.  And you can.

Happy birthday Canaan.

7 July 2011


It was my birthday on June 29th.
Euan gave me a phone call from Nagano on the 28th, and while we were talking,
he suddenly said,"I've just done teleportation."
Ha?? What did he mean??, I thought....
Then Euan's face appeared from the window!

The kids and I all screamed (with joy, of course).

He came home for my birthday from Nagano.
Thank you, Euan. I was very glad and surprised.

It  reminded me of the day I saw a stranger's shadow.
At that time I couldn't say a word.

Everyone celebrated for my birthday on 29th.
I was very happy.

When I looked at the east sky, it was a beautiful clouds in the sunset. It might be a present from God....

Before dinner, we started to talk about the day on March 11th from the conversation about Sora's speech she just wrote the other day.

Euan and I cared about our children's feelings after the earthquake, we tried to help them to speak, listen, write and draw. But I find out they still kept many things in their minds.
They must have pushed their feelings into their heart to survive and protect themselves from the big change.

I think that they are used to living this life in Minakami now, so they might be able to start sharing their thoughts at last. 

We can share laughing, crying and talking in this family.
I think I am very happy. 

This is the family I always wanted.
It is the best birthday present.

Thank you all.

28 June 2011

Carrying bricks

On 20th and 21st June, Friends helped to carry the bricks of Euan's kiln from Ichikai, Tochigi to Minakami.
They are teachers at an American school in Japan, they borrowed trucks and
came to help us.  It is about 7 tons for just the kiln itself. They
and Euan drove three times between Ichikai and Minakami in two days.

Sean also helped us, even though he had bronchitis....
When they arrived with the last load of bricks at evening, the other
kids, Sora, Canaan and Rohan, helped carry the bricks, too.
Thank you.

Euan is making pots at a friends studio in Nagano recently, so we could not move pottery things from the studio in Ichikai. We still have to bring many things from there, but it is a big step forward.

Is that a soot monster ?!

Thank you very much, Debi and Julie!

22 June 2011

Double Fathers Day ♪

It was Fathers Day on Sunday June 19th.

Our kids gave Dad lots of hugs and chocolate.
And our youngest son, Sean, gave him a special dice which he made at the preschool.
There are pictures on each surface, so when Daddy rolls the dice, if it's Daddy's face up, he can get a hug from his son,  if it's a tankard, he pours Daddy a beer.

We also gave a present to my father, too.

We all had Fathers Day Dinner together.
I cooked Tekka-don with guacamole, Mushroom Miso soup, Octopus and cucumber marinade and steamed vegetables. Plus pumpkin croquette which my father bought.
It was all delicious.

To all Dads all over the world,
Happy Fathers Day !!

and thank you for everything.

17 June 2011

Making pots in Nagano.....

Euan is away from home to make pots at his friends studio in Nagano on weekdays, and comes home on weekends. After the earthquake our friend, Laura Inoue, kindly offered Euan to lend her studio and kiln. She had built the kiln which Euan designed a couple of years ago.

He is still struggling to build a studio and kiln here in Minakami, so he is borrowing her studio with great appreciation.

Some people said to Euan, he has skills and knowledge so he should to help building kilns in Mashiko.

What is most important, though,  is that he can make a living from his pottery sales, so he is making pots for orders and his exhibition for his family.

We talk by Skype or telephone each night.
We all are looking forward to seeing him
on weekend.

25 May 2011

with wine ♪

It was Euan's Birthday on May 22nd.

His request for his birthday present was Shichirin and  Charcoal.

We bought some Australian wine from the local supermarket so we could toast his birthday.

BBQ and wine!

It was mini Aussie style BBQ.
The kids and I made cheesecake for him.
We had it with wine, of course.

There is no progress about his studio yet....
So he feels like his feet are not on the ground.

We will try to build the studio and the kiln, and he can start to make pots again soon.

I hope that it is going to be a wonderful year for him.
Happy Birthday, Euan

18 May 2011

Live Radio program ♪

Euan is going to talk on the Radio program, NHK Chikyu radio(World radio),
on May 29th Sunday from 6:30pm  for about 10minutes.

They said that we all can come and see,
so we are all going to NHK Shibuya Studio in Tokyo.
I'm very much looking forward to go and see the studio. 
But the kids must be very very excited......

The program is " Chikyu Radio (World radio)" in Japanese
on NHK AM Radio 1,  5:05pm~6:50pm.

You can listen to the program in or out side of Japan on Iternet, too.
You go to the website, NHK Chikyu Radio (NHK 地球ラジオ),
and click the button of 「放送中に番組を聞く」, then click 「聞く」button,
you can listen to live program.
If you miss the program, you still be able to listen the program just for 1 week,
there is a "Radio On Demand".
You go to the website,  NHK Chikyu Radio (NHK 地球ラジオ),
and click the 前回の番組を聞く」button,
then click May 29th Sunday program, 6pm~ (5月29日(日)放送分の「6時台」). 

If you have time, please try to listen to the program.

27 March 2011


Because of the earthquake and the nuclear disaster, since the 15th we have evacuated to my parents home in Minakami, Gunma.

After many long discussions, we have come to a decision.

We have decided to move our family here permanently, though the option of Australia was open to us...

We were only renting the house in Tochigi, but we would have had to repair it at our own expense.The bathroom neede to be completely rebuilt. The roof, the back wall, the kiln, all needed to be rebuilt.

Many discussions at my parents home have led them to offer us a small block of land here. If we are to rebuild, then it is better if what we build should belong to us.

We have very limited funds, and so we have accepted their offer. Firstly we shall build the studio and kiln, then later, when things are more stable, we plan to build our own home.

For a while (a LONG while) we will stay with my family, and the children can start the new school year here.

I have resigned from my job.

It has been a sudden decision, and we apologise if it inconveniences anybody.

We are very grateful for the tremendous help from friends, family and neighbours. We thank you from the heart.

Leaving the place where our children were born and raised, leaving the home where we have so many friends, leaving the pottery town of Mashiko. it is with great sadness, but with hope, that we have chosen to make a new start in Minakami.

In hope of moving forward...

We hope you understand.

We will continue to do our best, and hope for your support.

Thank you.

14 March 2011

We are OK.

We are all alive and OK!!!!

Electric & Telephone lines connected 2 days ago, water is back yesterday.
We still have earthquakes and aftershock every 20 minutes, not very big now.
We are checking news about Nuclear power plant.

Bad roof damage, damaged back of house and bath room.
We have emergency water, food, shelter and wood stove for heat and cooking.

We are OK.

27 February 2011

Mobile Phone

Even in this day and age, we don't have a mobile phone.
We have decided to not have a mobile phone.

Yes, it is sometimes inconvenient.
Some people have said to us that we should have it.

Euan says,
" I don't  like a mobile phone. They take control of my life, and are completely unnecessary."

We can survive quite well with a Telephone, a Fax and E-mail.

When there are inconvenient situations, I and the children send telepathy to Euan, " Call us now!!!!".
And it's strange, but he often phoned us a half hour later.

Today, a mother of my daughter's friend visited us.
They don't have a mobile phone, either.

I was very glad that it is not just us.

Even if she is inconvenienced, she thinks it is more important to learn about caring enough about a person to wait for them. Years ago her husband once waited for her for about 16 hours, when she could not get back to Tokyo from Kanazawa because of heavy snow .
The purity of their heart to care for each other so much moved me.

But, on the other hand, I watched the news about the earthquake in New Zealand. Some people contacted their family from the under the buildings. When I thought of the families concerns about their children's safety, I could not help watching the news without tears.

I, honestly, started to consider about having a mobile phone recently. But her words reminded me, it is right to live as we believe. We are living according to our own values. Every family places importance on different things.

Even in the midst of inconvenience, I choose  to care for the people around me and a way of living which is not adrift to social whims.

Therefore, please understand that though may inconvenient for others, we choose not to have a mobile phone at this stage.
By all means, contact us by Phone, Fax, E-mail, Letter or telepathy if necessary. 

Like Auntie Thora used to say;
"Just remember, even though I don't write to you very often, I still think of you and love you very much."

12 January 2011

Starting work...

It is not about Euan, but about myself.

I started to work at the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art as a temporary worker from January 5th.

I haven't worked in an organisation for a long time. But since I married to Euan, I've helped him with all his pottery paper work, making customer addresses, sending post cards for his exhibitions, helping to design cards, taxation documents, etc.

And I think that I can learn so many things there through working for Museum.

I work from Tuesday to Saturday, so I can not work without my family's support and co-operation. I very much appreciate their help.

If you visit the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, you might see me....

3 January 2011

Happy New Year !

Happy new year to you all.

I greatly appreciate so many people's support for us last year. It was very encouraging.
I wish much happiness to come to you this year.

It was also our 17th Wedding Anniversary on 1st January.

It is a holiday for both our Japanese and Australian family at new year, so we had the wedding on 1st January at the church in Sydney seventeen years ago.
And it's also very easy for Euan to remember the date of our anniversary, he can't forget it.

There were so many things that happened in 17 years, so many things....
The Family has grown bigger from just two people, we have four beautiful children now. Time is passing very fast....
We are all going to do our best this year also.

I will start something new this year, I will try to do my best, too.

I wish this year is going to be a very, very good for you and us.  It is a brand new year just started!